Welcome To The Vault

pipboyWelcome, startup wanderer! This is my personal blog where you will find essays about startups, angel & venture  investing and other stories from the Silicon Valley. If  you are curious to learn more about my background take a look at my  bio.

This site is styled with imagery from the alternative universe of ‘Fallout‘. One of main themes of Fallout is bringing futuristic technology to a primitive world. Being inside of Silicon Valley has a similar feeling of an isolated Vault full of  tech wonders too powerful or too arcane when compared to the rest of the normal world outside. That can lead to both positive and negative outcomes; however, spending over a decade inside such technological Vault certainly have been incredibly interesting experience.

I hope you will find these writings entertaining and may be even useful in our startup adventures. Naturally, the views and opinions expressed on this site are my own alone and do not represent the official view of my fund.

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