Welcome! This site is my personal blog about what I learned in Silicon Valley as a serial entrepreneur and an investor. I built a few of startups of my own and helped many brilliant founders to grow theirs.  In 2013 I was invited to join investment team at Andreessen Horowitz, one of the top-tier venture capital firms on the Sand Hill. Most recently, I co-founded cryptography startup Vault12 – we are building decentralized, distributed digital custody for owners of any cryptocurrency.

I left Europe in with a degree in theoretical physics and decided to make my fortunes in the Silicon Valley over a decade ago. My first business was to provide C++ developers to many exciting clients like Netscape, Celera Genomics, Electronic Arts and many others. Shortly after, I joined newly formed Voltage Security as a software architect, which was a cryptography startup incubated at Stanford University. In 2015 Voltage was sold to Hewlett Packard.

After Voltage, I founded Hive7, with an initial plan to create virtual worlds using pure HTML/AJAX. After Facebook had opened up its platform, we did a sharp pivot and leveraged our  AJAX knowledge to become one of the early leaders in social gaming. Hive7 became known for our first big hit game “Knighthood” that has grown to a multi-million users audience. After developing a portfolio of social games for Facebook, MySpace, and Bebo serving over 16 millions of players, we sold the company in 2010, and Hive7 became a part of the Walt Disney Co.

When I get a free moment I mentor at few incubators and I’m an advisor to many startups that graduated from YC & 500 Startups classes. Reach out when you have a great idea!


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